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University of South Carolina

Impact Report


Report Covering Showing a Young Woman

I managed this project from start to finish, including overseeing the content creation, data sourcing, proofing, and production.

One of my largest projects was curating the first instalment of the Academic Report for the University Advising Center. This 100+ page document serves as a national resource for Academic Advising and is one of the first published data sets of its kind.

Circle Charts Showing Percentages
Colourful spread discussing advisor counts

This project married my love for data visualization and education. As an Adobe Certified Educator, I place great emphasis on how content organization and expressive language facilitate higher learning.

Beautifully Organized Chart Showing Mutliple Types of Data
Spread showing elevated typographic treatment

Looking back, I would definitely love the opportunity to open up that damn leading... haha!

Complex web chart showing major change

The flagship dataset for this booklet has to be the Major Migration Patterns. Using a method of 1pt per 1 student, the graphic is a 1:1 representation of 3,700 students' major progression from Fall 2019 to Fall 2020.

The finalized version of the report included robust PDF accessibility features to ensure all charts had text-based alternatives.

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